Are you thinking that you would like a walking stick
or cane, but you don't want walking stick that looks
like something made in China that you purchased at

The walking sticks I create are handmade from a
renewable resource, wood? No fiber glass, no carbon
fiber, just wood.  

Keep our carbon foot print small!!!

Why not let me make you a quality custom walking
stick or cane that you will  be proud to carry and
enjoy for years.   

Are you a scout leader looking for sticks for your
troop?  I supply
"blank" (unfinished) sticks to Scout
troops, church groups, and camps all over the United

Have a question?

Send me an email
or text me 270-314-4461

Walking sticks are 50"- 55" in height

Walking canes are 36"- 38" in height
Vine Curled Sticks
Vine Curled Stick