The worm wood traditional walking/hiking sticks are harvested during the coldest months of
winter, here in eastern Kentucky.

Once the sticks are harvested, they are stored in the barn loft to dry for more than 12 months
before the sticks are ready to be made into traditional worm wood walking/hiking Sticks.  
While the sticks are in storage, the busy worm works his magic on the stick, tunneling along
under the bark leaving trails in the wood.

After I complete work on the walking stick, all that remains of the worm is the trails he left on
the walking stick.  

You can be sure, no one else will have a walking stick like this, because I have never seen
anyone with  walking stick made from worm wood.

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Walking sticks are 50"- 55" in height

Walking canes are 36"- 38" in height
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Traditional Worm Wood Walking Sticks
Blanch Rose Spencer
Ruth Lane